History of Aiwa cesta na sever

this is a little history of our Siberian Husky,"Aiwa" cesta na sever (Aiwa way to north)

Aiwa is born on the 26.2.2012 in Nove Mesto n.Vahom, "Slovakia"

her Mum: "Ellin" BELLA Czech Silverstar

her Daddy: "Petroff" Polar Express

@ the 28th of April we take her with us to Mayrhofen "Austria"
now she explores the Alps with us.

!!!It is not allowed to copy pictures of this web side!!!

Mittwoch, 2. Januar 2013

Long Time no Update

The last ime we didn't wrote so much, but we will Start to update our site with the new's from the Last time!

Donnerstag, 16. August 2012

a nice month! and a family visit

In the last weeks we did a lot 
we hat two photo shooting´s one for www.tirol.at an a another one for www.fritz-jeans.com

and our friends Peter and Dana the breeder of Aiwa came to visit us for two day´s
we had a really nice and funny time! 
watch the pictures they will say more than 1000 words! ;)

 photo shoot for fritz-jeans

 wo for a walk 

 the family Aiwa,Anusch,Amundsen her mum Ellin

 snow on the 18th of August ;)))))

 a nice go for a walk w
 family Power
 thanks Peto a Dana for the nice day´s!!!

Sonntag, 1. Juli 2012

a new week, back from holiday

this week we had a lot to explore! and i had to start working again after 4 weeks holiday! ;) 
and Aiwa had her fist working day with me! ;)

just to explain, i´m a Mountain,cave guide we (Aiwa and me) working on a moutain in 3250m over sea
here you got a link to watch what i´m doing!

we went skiing together!

 she loves skiing! ;))

at our office. 
view from our office! ;) 3250m over sea.

Freitag, 22. Juni 2012

hot hot! escape somewhere

today it was so fucking hot we had to escape!!!! no way to stay down in the valley
 we went up to our Mountain lake on 2200m over sea! there we had around 20degree only the lake was quiet cold! but Aiwa had a lot of fun with the water, she love´s it!

 do you see the snow!!!??? soo nice up there!

Aiwa is so cute! alway´s

playing on the evening! 

 today we meet a new friend "Alaska Malamut" "Leila"
Aiwa and Leila

Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2012

chill out day

 Today it was so fucking warm that we went to the gondola
 and up to a Mountain lake on 2200m over sea there it was more pleasant
for us!

 Aiwa´s house is done! just needs some colour!;)
 on the evening we had dog school again but today it was more playing for her!

Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2012

New lovely video

in the last day´s Aiwa had a lot of new experience, she did her first swim.
on the beginning she was a bit scared. 
the lake had only around 10-12degree ( brrrr)  we went also just for a short swim!
Aiwa really enjoyed the time at the lake with playing in sand and water.